Tanning Beds


The Solaris

The Solaris 442 tanning bed is a 42 lamp, 15 minute tanning bed that offers intense tanning power with the S2 Advanced Technology system. The all-metal Solaris 442 tanning bed features Wolff® system lamps for a beautiful, longer-lasting golden tan. Plus, the Xtreme Reflection™ facial tanners will give your customers the dark, golden tan they expect from the Solaris tanning bed.


HT60: The Ultimate 8-minute Tan

The HT60 is our fastest tanning booth. You'll have your beautiful base tan in only 3 to 4 sessions.

Our premier low-pressure booth highlights:
  • 360 degree tanning
  • 60 bulbs, extremely powerful
  • Base tans after only 2-3 sessions
  • 8 minute max time (fastest in the industry!)


HT54: The Incredible 10-minute Tan

Keep your cool in This tanning booth, and you'll have an incredible tan in 4 to 5 easy sessions. With a maximum stand time of 10 minutes, you'll be looking fabulous in no time.

Our mid-level low-pressure booth highlights:

  • 360 degree tanning
  • 54 bulbs
  • Base tans after only 4-5 sessions
  • 10 minute max time